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  1. My husband, Mark says we are on Prison Stay at Home Order like Paul. This is Great Book for a time such as this.

    Phillipians 1:6 progress,
    “I am certain that God,…”
    What can I be certain of if God, the True God is involved? How confident or certain can I be if God is involved?

    Advance, To Make Progress in the Midst of Difficulty. ENDURE. Don’t Give Up! There is and will be and has been PROGRESS! Salah! Salah! Praise to the One Who Gives Breathe and Life, Hope, Faith. He Loves us through the Darkest Fears. Selah! We are part of an army? Wow! A different kind of army. If we are at war then maybe that is why it might feel like we are under attack.

    No Freedom
    No Privacy
    Chained in This Together
    HIS LIGHT shines in The Darkness.

    Chain means nothing,
    Holy Spirit
    My Life Means EVERYTHING.

    God Help Me Stay Strong.
    God Help Me See You Through It All.
    God Help Me Hear Your Still Small Voice
    Your Way
    Your Life
    Your Breathe!!!

    Breathe Healing!
    Yes, Lord!
    Yes, Lord!
    Yes, Lord!

    Thank You, Amen!

    Dad, Father God,
    If there is a glimpse of Pollyanna attitude when praising and worshipping you then bring this abundant hope, faith and love to and through STEADFAST. Let this GOOD that flows abundantly in and from and through you to overflow
    Day is Long and Lonely.

    Bad Motives: SAD
    Even the GOOD are poisoned with Fear or other vices as we walk Planet Earth. Lord, Let us hear your voice.
    Let us let go of tangles.
    Let the vices loose hold of you in us.
    Let the tangles that have become chains break their hold.
    You Are Lord.
    Fear is NOT Lord.
    Vices are NOT Lord.
    You are Lord!

    Praise and Thankfulness
    Medicine for the Soul
    Praise God for Whatever Comes to Mind!

    Phillipians 1:6
    I am convinced that God,…

  2. I am certain that God,
    Who began the GOOD Work within YOU…
    …stay tuned….
    (Imagine a season finale cliffhanger)


    I AM certain that God,
    Who Began a GOOD Work,
    Has something adventurous and good planned….

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