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Year-End Giving 2017

Tami Richardson, our RiverBank Kids Director, showed me a video a parent sent her of their preschool daughter singing the song she learned on Sunday morning at The River. As the little girl swayed and twisted with energy she sang:

Be strong and courageous.
Do not be terrified;
Do not be discouraged.
Our Lord God is with you wherever you go.

As I watched her sing, I thought, “She is getting grounded in her faith and trust in Jesus now. This is setting her up to be a strong woman of God one day! I’m so thankful that we have a team of people who are building up children in Christ!”

Then my thoughts went to a conversation I had with a woman who had felt drawn to come to The River for months. She said that for the first four Sundays all she could do was sit in the services and cry because of the presence of God. Now, nearly two years later, her entire family has been actively involved in The River and their lives are forever transformed by Jesus.

Isn’t that what our ministry is about—seeing people reached and lives transformed for Jesus? As the calendar year comes to a close in a few weeks, many families consider additional giving to the ministries they are passionate about. It’s a way of thanking God and investing financially in life-changing ministry.

Would you consider an additional and perhaps sacrificial gift to The River Church in the next few weeks—above and beyond your regular giving? This past year has been a lean year for us financially, and we’ve worked hard to maintain the quality of life-changing ministry and opportunities with limited resources. Your additional investment will close the financial gap and help us see even MORE impact for Jesus.

You can give either online at https://hittheriver.com/give-online, at the kiosk by the fireplace, or by using a giving envelope in the worship center. Thank you for your continued and regular giving through the year.

In Christ,



Pastor Brad on behalf of the River Church Elders,
Bill Gregory, Chuck Richardson, Matt Sanders, Tim Snyder


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