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Note From… Brad 07.14.17

Have you ever played the “telephone game?” It’s where you get people in a circle and read something in a whisper to someone. They then have to try and remember what they heard and whisper it to the person next to them, who in turn does the same. Once everyone has repeated what they heard, you compare what the last person says to what was originally read. 100% of the time it will be different than the original.

Unfortunately, church communications are often like the “telephone game” where information gets passed from one person to another. Even worse, some people aren’t even in “the loop” and so they miss important messages altogether!

A couple of months ago I was thinking about how we communicate with our church family. While I would give our Sunday morning communication a decent grade, any regular communication to the congregation wouldn’t even show up on the grading scale. We simply haven’t done it!

In John 17:21, 23 Jesus prayed to his Father for unity among his followers. The reason he wanted us to be unified was “…so that the world may know that you sent me and loved them even as you loved me.” Poor communication creates disunity and we want to do all we can to facilitate unity!

As a result, we are initiating a monthly newsletter for the River Church family. We all need to receive the same information and this is our effort to do a better job communicating with the congregation.

The newsletter will feature reminders of the important events happening in the life of The River; highlights of different volunteers; a message from one of the pastors; and regular financial updates. Each segment will be brief and give you what you need to stay informed.

I’m so grateful for the team that will be working on this. Kim Smith is volunteering her time to compile the newsletter. She will also be doing some of the writing and interviews. Pastor Todd created the template and will be managing the technical aspects. Sheryl Lee will provide the financial information to keep you updated on our giving and expenses. And each month one of the pastors will be writing a short blog.

I hope you will enjoy the newsletter and look for it each month in your inbox. We’ll also have links on the website to the newsletter should you miss it.

God’s blessings to you. See you Sunday!

Pastor Brad