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Introducing Tami Richardson, Our New RiverBank Kids Director

Tami and her family have been attending The River for three years. Here’s a quick Q&A Brad conducted to help us get to know her better!

Tell us about your family.
Greg and I have been blessed with two children, Lily (4 years old) and Owen (2 years old). Also, we have a 10-month-old dog, Piper. I grew up here in West Chester, and Greg grew up in Marietta, Ohio. Greg went to The Ohio State University and then moved here for a job after college; we met shortly thereafter. We have been married for nearly 11 years. Time sure does fly!

What do you and Greg enjoy doing together?
We love spending time with family and friends. In the summer you will find us by the pool, splashing the day away, and in the fall and winter months watching football together, cheering on OSU and the Steelers. Since our kids are little, we are always looking for fun ways to make memories and build family traditions.”

Do you have any personal hobbies?
I enjoy cooking, gardening, and sewing. I love to try new recipes and using the yummy veggies from our garden in my dishes. Food Network is a great escape for me!

What is your favorite movie?
I truly must be a kid at heart because my favorite movies are from my childhood. I love Mary Poppins, which no one knew about me when they planned the last movie night. I could sing the songs all day and my kids will tell you that I say, “spit spot” all of the time. I also love Christmas movies: Miracle on 34th Street, Home Alone, Elf, and Christmas Vacation get played all year round at my house.

What’s your favorite food? Favorite restaurant?
Other than ice cream (which I eat on more than a regular basis!), I love Mexican food. I could make a meal out of chips, salsa, and guacamole. One of my favorite t-shirts says, “I am thinking about tacos”. Perfect! Take me to Chipotle or Cantina Laredo and I am one happy camper!

What interested you in the position here at The River?
Given that I am a teacher and a mom, it is clear that I have a love for children. I could not think of a better position for me to be able to use the heart for children that God has given me than to serve the children of our church. I grew up in the church and had the privilege of being poured into by dedicated children’s ministry leaders and teachers. It was because of one of my Sunday school teachers that I accepted Christ. It takes a village to raise a child and to shepherd them on their walk with Christ. I am so thrilled to have the opportunity to serve so many precious children and their families here at The River.

Share a bit of your heart and passion for the RiverBank Kids Ministry.
I want our RiverBank Kids to enjoy coming to a church where they can learn about Jesus, connect with peers and volunteers, and have fun. I am excited to create an environment that will be developmentally appropriate, fun, safe, and engaging. It is important to me that kids are excited to come to church, and once they are here feel welcomed, loved, and cared for as they learn about Jesus. We are raising up an important generation. I feel that it is important to equip them with the Word of the Lord. Together, the church and your family can plant seeds for Christ in your child’s heart. (Deuteronomy 11:18-20)

What is your educational and professional background?
I graduated from Miami University with my Bachelors in Education in 2004 and then with my Masters in Education in 2009. I have been working for Talawanda Schools in Oxford since 2004. I am currently teaching half-day kindergarten.

How can parents and other River Church attendees best support you?
I would love it if you would consider volunteering.  We are in need of a teacher and a helper for our 3-4’s class during first service and small group volunteers at both services in our grade school program.  Not only will you be a blessing to our River kids, but also I guarantee that they will bless you in return.  If volunteering is not for you, we would love to have you pray for our River kids and teachers.

Tami is excited to get started! Welcome, Tami!


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