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Beautiful In His Time

“He has made everything beautiful in its time.”
Ecclesiastes 3:11a

Can you believe it’s already OCTOBER?! Though I am not always fond of cooler weather, there is something exciting about the change of seasons. Each one brings the anticipation of tradition. We set aside the swim gear and exchange it for jeans and sweaters. Instead of trips to the waterpark, we plan outings to the pumpkin patch. It’s a time of slowing down a bit and enjoying the bounty that the harvest brought in.

One of our family’s favorite fall traditions, when we lived in Michigan, was visiting the cider mill. There was nothing like getting a gallon of cool, freshly squeezed apple cider and a dozen hot donuts. We would load up our arms with our treats, find a nearby picnic table, and fill our styrofoam cups to the brim. The first bite of the warm, crispy pastry in our mouths was unforgettable. It was the best part of fall.

In our spiritual walk, we have seasons as well. There are times when we are so connected, so on fire, and so full of the joy of the Lord. Then, there are seasons where we feel a little more distant, as we struggle through some tougher times. What I fail to remember during those difficult seasons, is that each season is designed for a purpose. Just as the leaves must fall and the flowers wither, we have to go through times when we need to let God trim, weed and clean out our lives. They are uncomfortable and messy, but those seasons prepare us for something greater. Before we know it, the sun reappears, our once broken, bare branches are covered in buds of promise, and, in time, our hearts once again burst forth in beauty.

As much as I enjoyed those donuts in fall, I would not trade them for that glorious day when winter disappears and the green grass begins to push out of the ground again. Each season is purposeful and important.

If you are going through a season of tiredness and feel worn out, be encouraged. Spring is right around the corner. Seek God as He does His work. Something beautiful is waiting.