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Youth Lock-In

On Friday, March 10, we will be having a lock-in at The River Church for all students who are in 6th-12th grade. The lock-in will start on Friday, March 10 at 9:00pm and will last through the night until 7:30am on Saturday, March 11. Activities of the lock-in include different games, hanging out with friends, and a late night movie.

All students who participate in the Lock-In must have a 2017 Permission Slip on file. There is a link below to download the Permission Slip to your computer. By filling this out, we can better ensure your child’s safety at the Lock-In. We look forward to staying up all night with the students as they compete in the different games and enjoy time with their friends at The River Youth’s Lock-In.

Sign up by clicking on the image below. Make sure you download a copy of the 2017 permission slip here. IMPORTANT: The Web charges each person $20, so everyone needs to bring money with them.